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    My company is supported by excellent domestic and international supply resources and product package adopts professional food grade materials, and for different packaging needs, we have the corresponding package and design, to provide our customers with safe, secure and reliable packaging products.


    We use PP, PS and PET with various properties such as high-quality stability and safety in plastic sheet as raw materials, which are professional food-grade plastic sheets, to ensure food safety, as well as good stiffness and texture of the product.



    Paper cup forming: We have been studying paper for many years. Through selection and adjustment of different paper materials and specifications, we choose the paper most suitable for forming. Then, the produced cups can reach very high cost performance ratio in terms of stiffness and protection for products inside cups.  Paper package is suitable for dairy products, ice cream, snack food and other various products.

    Paper-plastic forming

    Goodpak is the first company in China to absorb advantages of paper and plastic cups through combining them and it has produced the first batch of paper-plastic composite cups and put into use. Through continuous research and accumulation, our paper-plastic composite cups can combine advantages of plastic cups with those of paper cups and then form a stable, safe and competitive product package. The inner plastic cup can better protect the product quality and flavor, and the outer paper sleeve can provide rich product expression and the perfect hand feeling when consumers use them. A cost-effective product is achieved through combination of different ratios of two materials.


    Thermal absorption forming

    The company has the ability to produce plastic cups by plastic sheet thermoforming. At the same time, we also have in-depth research on plastic materials. We use different materials, such as PP, PS and PET, to make plastic cups to ensure diversity and adaptability of products and ensure the food safety of the product.

    Roll rim flat-mouth processing

    If you have higher requirements for stiffness of the paper cup, or if you want a tighter seal on the cover mould, we can provide flat-mouth paper cups for you. For this kind of products, further processing of the cup mouth makes stiffer cup body, larger contact area at the cup mouth and better mouth sealing effect.



    We can provide professional printing process of flexographic printing and offset printing. Flexographic printing is the only U.S. FDA-recognized non-toxic printing method and ink. For package that needs direct contact with food, this printing process can ensure safety and health of the packaging product. In addition, for paper-plastic composite cups, we can also adopt UV offset printing so as to make the printing patterns delicate, with strong three-dimensional effect and color saturation.

    Special display processing

    The outer layer of paper-plastic composite cups is paper package. This material can use high-precision offset printing, and can also make special effects on the cup sleeve, such as embossing or gold blocking, which can provide the product with perfect demonstration of packaging color. Paper-plastic composite packaging is suitable for dairy products, ice cream, snack food and other various products.


    Quality control concept

    Strict quality control is an important part of Goodpak’s work. The focus of every employee's day-to-day work is to ensure quality of all products and services. Continuously improved quality management system and uninterrupted professional training have enabled Goodpak to achieve high production and high quality standards. We are concerned about each stage involved in raw materials, production and finished products. We set strict quality objectives and continuously encourage all employees to participate so as to continuously improve our product quality and process standards to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. Our internal management system must always conform to international standards.

    System certification

    > In 2010, passed HACCP system certification.
    > Has been training ISO9001 system in 2012. In the same year, the company implemented 6S management.
    > Obtained ISO9001 certification in 2013.  
    > Began importing FSSC22000 in 2015.

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