Cup lid

Cup lid


Printed transparent cup lid

The cup lid of a finished product is transparent in the middle to distinguish it from the surrounding colors. After the lid is closed, the printed information can be revealed. At the same time, printing on the cup lid makes it more vivid than that in the single transparent color or the color obtained through the color masterbatch, and the color of the lid is variable, allowing you to have richer color options. The cup lid is integrated with the original packaging material of the product through unified color, which increases integration of the product package and makes the product more individualized.

Paper-plastic composite cup lid

The complete cup lid structure is composed of the injection molding ring and the paperboard. Though appearance effect is similar to that of the injection molding cup lid on the market, but the cost is greatly reduced; Advertising can be printed on the front and back sides of the paperboard and special paper can be used as paperboard (such as: Embossing, gold blocking and laser).


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