Special process cup

Special process cup

Goodpak provides high-quality service and develops personalized and humanized product package together with customers. Satisfying demands of custmers is the core objective of our research and development:

1、Excellent performance;
2、More convenient, novel and interesting package;
3、Professional analysis in the food package field;
4、Use less resources and be more environmentally friendly.

Cup bottom printing

Characteristics: Patterns or texts could be printed on the body paper at the bottom of the cup.
Advantages: Increase the added value of the bottom of the cup, distinguish from the conventional products and attract consumers' attention.

Tear and scan the QR code

Characteristics: The cup body has a window that can be torn, and then a unique QR code will appear.
Advantages: Facilitate corporate anti-counterfeit traceability, consumer data, consumer interaction marketing, etc. (such as scanning the code to obtain a red packet).

A window on the cup body

Characteristics: The cup body has a visible window.
Advantages: Consumers can intuitively see the content inside and enhance desire of consumers to buy. In addition, the size, shape and location of the window are adjustable.

In-cup printing

Characteristics: Patterns or texts can be printed on the body paper inside the cup.
Advantages: Patterns and text can be seen from the inside of the cup, conveying information to consumers. Make the inside of the cup also have a sense of design.

Surface printing

Characteristics: Different from the past film-covering process, the concave and convex texture displayed by the product surface is more similar to the texture of the natural paper; Embossed lines can be adjusted.
Advantages: The concept of product marketing is recommended to combine with additive-free, pure and natural raw materials.

Easily tearable sealing side

Characteristics: The outer paper sleeve of the cup can be torn, and the outer sleeve can be separated from the inner plastic cup by tearing the zipper.
Advantages: Give consumers a sense of hands-on experience. Disposal becomes more environment friendly after waste is classified.

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